Go deeper into the mine full of mines!

You’re trapped deep underground. Your only way out is to go deeper through the madness of 3D Minesweeper shafts. Will you succeed at breaking out?

This game was created for Ludum Dare 48, and is our first game-jam project ever.


  • WSAD - move around
  • Left Mouse Button - break blocks
  • Space - Jump
  • Left Shift - Duck
  • P - Pause menu

Made by Krzyhau (me) and DevDevice.


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As for me, this is a very good idea, but to get into this game with your head, there are several things missing:

1. The ability to mark the blocks, but more importantly:

2. The ability to see broken blocks earlier (ideally, if it can be switched: visible/invisible).

And so, the project is just a " bomb" ;)


gg 69

I quite liked the concept of a 3D mineswepper. However, this game has a few things that could be improved:

- There's no download or fullscreen mode (which was especially annoying when I kept trying to sprint using ctrl + w that closes the tab).

- Since numbered blocks are also blocks the player breaks, every non-mine cube destroyed is a clue lost (unless the player takes notes)

- On easy and normal difficulty, it's possible to break through the whole chamber using only clues from not-numbered blocks (so the difficulty is the same)

- a chamber might sometimes get a blackout so the player has to restart it (I don't know what the conditions are but it happened to me when I tried to clear as many blocks as possible on normal level).


Tried to play it in the browser but it's too big for my screen. Then I tried to download it on the itch.io app and play it that way, but it won't load, it just stays at around 80% or so. I Googled the issue, but couldn't find any solutions on the user end, all solutions I could find were on the developer end.


I'm not entirely sure if it crashed or if it's just meant to do that at the end, if it is meant to do that, it could be clearer


guys just download the itch.io client lmao, you can download it there

Why no download. play in browser lags out for me

download the itch.io client and then download the game from ther


Does not play after download from client. Just freezes at Unity loading screen. Any fix?

Great concept and great execution.

One day I'll make minesweeper VR

this is amazing

really good


i want full screen

r u n t r a s h

A standalone version would be most appreciated.


I certainly see potential in this. If you were to take it further, perhaps some way of marking which cubes were mines, and also perhaps modifying it so that cubes don't count themselves in the mine count. beyond that, loving it!


fr tho nice game


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Interesting ending, with the 2 cubes


I wonder...


i wonder what happens at the end