No Man's Sky in Pac-Man (pre-pre-alpha)

Dive into this unique concept of classic Pac-Man gameplay connected with No Man's Sky exploration experience.

Travel through the universe full of planets. Each planet is a randomly generated, unique Pac-Man world. Explore them to find 10 cherries and finish the game!

This project of mine was started in 2017, and I forced myself to finish it into a somewhat playable game in a week. It's still lacking some sound effects and gameplay polishing, but I'm letting you play it in this unfinished state anyway.

How to play


  • Arrow keys - control Pac-Man
  • P - pause the game


Your spaceship needs fuel to run. Collect pellets (and ghosts) to refill it.

Once you have enough fuel, you'll have access to a launchpad that is located within the ghost house. With it, you can leave the planet and traverse to other ones. Make sure you have enough fuel to reach them, though. If you run out of a fuel in space, you lose.


Knowing how ghosts behave will help you finish the game more easily. There are four ghosts that behave exactly like the original:

  • Blinky (red) - follows your current position
  • Pinky (pink) - tries to predict your movement, following position 4 blocks in front of you.
  • Inky (cyan) - stays between you and first Binky (or first ghost) to leave the ghost house.
  • Clyde (orange) - tries to get near you, but as soon as it's near you, it retreats.

All of these four ghost have a "retreat" period when they all retreat to their retreat points, placed on furthest points from the ghost house of the planet.

On top of that, there are four more, brand new ghosts that never retreat:

  • Cringy (green) - picks random path.
  • Kinky (purple) - tries to keep the distance, following position 3 blocks behind you.
  • Liney (blue) - goes in a straight line whenever possible.
  • Bob (brown) - ghost with a social anxiety; tries to keep its distance from everyone.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withLÖVE
Tags2D, Arcade, LÖVE, Retro, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


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the first randomly generated pacman game i seen. The Sussy Ghost makes it almost impossible to make pacman survive.

Don't eat a power pellet when there's an AMONGUS ghost.

It kills you.

el mejor juego de la historia

I like the idea of playing Pacman on a sphere. However, the purple planet I got lost on because of the size of it.

how i install 

Damm thats creative :)




I saw an amogus ghost.

Very fun game. 

Very cool!

What about No Pokémon's Sky and No JoJo's Sky


Wow. Really cool concept. Could you provide a windows build for download though ?



This is the best Pac-Man game to come out in the past decade and it's only in pre-alpha stages!

You did an amazing job!


I have been a huge Pac-Man fan for so long and this is an amazing twist on the game's mechanics! I hope you continue to update and work on this!


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game is reeeeally interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics are really well thought to expand what you could expect from a PacMan game. I think that taking this as a baseline you could add some extra mechanics or features to the game to make it bigger and more replayeable.

-Visually the game looks amazing and it has some nice classic pacman vibes.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



This ghost looks sus

do not eat a power pellet once it is there

pog game, very amogus

5 years before (2016), No Mario's Sky.

5 years later (2021), No Pac-Man's Sky.

Another 5 Years (2026), No Sonic's Sky?

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respect for the idea to make the pacmans world on a sphere, i never saw that anywhere !!! also well done retro ! also I didnt find the place to go when you have enough fuel.

The launch pad is in the ghost house.


It is not a sphere, just the usual Pacman map displayed with a cool projection. A sphere cannot be tiled with squares like this (a beautiful math fact). Also the surface of a sphere is non-Euclidean so the angles on it work differently. If you made a loop and returned to your original location, the world would be rotated because of this (another beautiful math fact). Non-Euclidean geometry produces a very different gameplay.

There are some games in truly non-Euclidean (spherical and hyperbolic) variants, but there is no (publicly available) Pacman yet I think. There are some a bit like Pacman but still far away.

Interesting ! It certainly did foul me, but now that you said it, it reminds me of trying to preject a map on a sphere in Blender, which is also not really possible without tweaks. Hmm. *resists the urge to build a pacman on a real sphere game, and if only to not be able to do it properly*